The 7 Best Viparspectra LED Lights for Growing Weed

If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best light in our Viparspectra LED review is then I’d recommend the Viparspectra Timer Control Series TC600 as the best one.

Have you ever thought about growing a little weed? Although it can seem scary, it is actually legal in a lot of places. If you have considered growing some cannabis, you should know that you will need a grow light. So, I compiled a list of the seven best LED grow lights made by a company called Viparspectra. This is my Viparspectra LED Review *cough, cough*. 

Here are the Vipar LED lights we’ll be reviewing:

How To Choose The Best Grow Light

There are several things to consider here. First of all, you should consider the size that you need. Overall, this is probably your biggest consideration. If you’re growing 1-5 plants, as many beginners do, you won’t need a big setup. You could get a bigger setup if you plan to upgrade soon, but if you do, you must consider your electric bill.

If you go out and buy the biggest light you can get, while only growing a few plants, you aren’t getting much smoke for your money. Your electric bill will go up significantly, and you won’t have a whole lot to show for your expense. This is why you should buy the right kind of light the first time.

You should stick to LED grow lights because they have several advantages over traditional grow bulbs. First, they are much more efficient for power usage, which helps to keep those electric bills down. Second, they are much safer in terms of their likelihood of starting a fire. Third, LED bulbs, especially 300W LED bulbs, last a lot longer than traditional grow bulbs.

You should definitely consider how you are going to hang your light. Make sure that any grow light you buy has a way to fasten lines or wires for easy mounting. Without this, the installation process is sure to be much more difficult.

Lamp hanging over plant inside home

Always look for a good warranty. Even if you don’t plan to make use of it, a warranty is a sign that the manufacturer has confidence in their product. The longer, the better.

Ventilation is another key factor. Even an LED grow light can get pretty hot once it reaches full operating temperature. Any good unit should have a fan, and enough ventilation to keep the air flowing through the unit at all times.

Speaking of the fans, you should avoid any unit with a very loud fan. You don’t want to be able to hear this thing in the next room while you’re trying to sleep. Although it won’t be that loud, it’s an irritation that nobody needs. This is why you should always ask for a demonstration before buying, or at least look for a video online.

The Differences Between Growing A Weed And Growing A Vegetable

The main thing to consider here is that a weed does not need the same amount of nutrients that a vegetable would. Anyone who has ever grown a garden can tell you that vegetables need a lot of space, a lot of sunlight, a lot of water, and a lot of nutrients. Thankfully, weed is a much a hardier species than most garden vegetables. Anything rated for use on vegetables should be more than adequate for your use.

A Little More About The Use Of LED Grow Lights

There is a significant amount of research to show that different colors and wavelengths of light can have different effects on plants. For instance, red light is very good for stimulating the process of flowering. This is why Viparspectra’s LED grow lights offer a special advantage when compared to most other grow lights. The inclusion of many different frequencies stimulates all aspects of a plants’ growth and development.

Light from sun shining down on trees and fence

Most growers ditch their old sodium and halogen lights and switch over to the LED camp. This is due to the effectiveness of multi-wavelength LED’s and their superior efficiency of power usage.

Here is a study that is specifically related to Cannabis Sativa (AKA weed). The study concluded that blue and red lights produced more growth in their cannabis plants than white light (AKA standard lights). This means that the LED lights are not only cheaper on power, but more effective as well.

Features Shared By These grow lights:

Since these are all made by the same company, they have many features in common. These include:

  • PAR/lumen balancer
  • Huge spectrum of LEDs working together (hence the rainbow appearance)
  • Consume far less power than traditional grow lights
  • Very quiet fans and plenty of slots for ventilation
  • 3-year local service warranty
  • 30-day money back guarantee


VIPARSPECTRA 300W Reflector-Series V300 

This is the bargain model. It would be very good for a small starter garden, where plants are only kept until they reach a certain size.Other than that, this one is too small for most uses. Its coverage is only 2×2 feet, so you can’t do lot with this light. You could daisy-chain a bunch of them together, but this would not be efficient for a large garden. Each unit would need an individual power source and plug.


  • Inexpensive
  • Good for a starter garden
  • Daisy chain makes it easy to expand the system


  • Not cost-efficient for large gardens
  • Daisy-chaining requires more hangings and more electricity expenditure

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VIPARSPECTRA 450W UL Certified Reflector-Series

This is a slightly larger version of choice number one. Its coverage area goes up to 2.5×2.5 feet.In return for that extra square foot of coverage, the price goes up by about fifty bucks. This one is good for a large closet grow space, and shouldn’t raise your electric bill too much either.


  • Good for a large closet garden
  • Price increase isn’t too bad
  • Still maintains low electrical usage


  • Only gains you one square foot of extra coverage
  • Daisy-chaining two of these would result in an overly large area

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VIPARSPECTRA 600W  UL Certified Reflector-Series 

Here is the next biggest size. This one is identical to the previous two choices except for its size.Coverage is increased to 3×3 feet, while the price only goes up by 40 bucks. This makes it a better value than the 450w version. Still, it is a little too small for those who want to grow a lot of weed.


  • Good for slightly larger areas
  • Cost-effective for an area of the appropriate size
  • Good value in terms of price increase vs coverage increase


  • Still doesn’t cover a large enough area for even a medium-sized garden

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VIPARSPECTRA 600W Timer Control Series TC600 

This is the next step up in price, but it’s a big step forward towards quality. For another forty-six bucks, you get a 450w light that covers a 3×3 area. For a light of this wattage, that is an excellent value. The standout feature is the timed control. You can program this model to switch on, switch off, or dim the lights whenever you want.The shape of this thing is also a plus. It’s a long, thin shape instead of a block. This is good because maryjane plants of all sorts are usually planted in rows. A light of this shape allows for greater coverage without using much more power. Regardless of any other factor, there is always something to be said for efficiency.


  • Good coverage
  • Low power usage
  • Timed control
  • Dimmer option


  • Some growers prefer to add their own timer switch, which is much cheaper
  • Might not be as good for growers who don’t put their plants in a row

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VIPARSPECTRA 600W PAR600 12-band

This is part of the PAR series of lamps. These maintain a perfect balance between PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) and lumens. In other words, it maintains the balance between light and heat.All of the grow lights from this company achieve this balance, but these lights are designed to do an even better job in that department. This model covers a 2.5×2.5 foot area and includes double fans for better ventilation.

The superior ventilation of these multi-fan models makes them ideal for a small and confined grow space. By keeping the air moving, these fans make it easier for debris and dust catch up in a second fan that ventilates to the outside.


  • A little cheaper than choice #4
  • Does a better job of balancing light and heat
  • Dual fans for better cooling


  • Not sure how much difference the PAR/lumen balance really makes
  • Expensive for its size
  • Bulky and difficult to hang securely

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VIPARSPECTRA 700W Dimmable Series PAR700 

This is a bigger, more heavy-duty version of product five. There isn’t much to say about it, except that it covers a 3×3-foot area and has three fans instead of two. This comes at a price increase of about fifty bucks. It’s a big and beefy piece of gear.The dimming feature can be used to give your plants a little bit of energy input at night. Plants need a natural cycle of light to simulate the rising and setting of the sun. A tiny amount of light will not usually disrupt those natural marijuana lighting cycles. Thus, you can cheat nature a little bit and give your plants some extra juice while they sleep.


  • Great coverage
  • UV/lumen balance
  • 3 fans for supreme cooling and ventilation


  • 3 fans might be a little excessive
  • Very bulky

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VIPARSPECTRA 450W Dimmable Series PAR450

Now we come to the big monster. If you are really trying to grow a whole bunch, this is the one to get. However, it’s pretty expensive. It’s about 300 bucks, which tops all our other choices by far. It is identical to product number six except for its size.I could imagine this one being very good for use in a small basement. Its multi-fan design would definitely help to hold the smell down, especially when combined with an air filter or two. Smell reduction is a special concern for cannabis production, even in places where it is legal. Even those of us who love weed want to smell something else from time to time.


  • Very large
  • Good for those who can afford the most deluxe
  • Very good cooling


  • Very expensive
  • Not necessary for most growers

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To be fair, there is no clear winner on this one. Most of these products are the same except for their size. In general, I would say that the 300 watt LED light model is too small since its coverage is only 2×2 feet. Yet, the larger models with the dimming and cooling features are a little bit excessive for both price and features.

I would have to give the win to the Viparspectra Timer Control Series TC600. It offers good coverage with less energy expenditure. The precise time control gives it an edge that the other models cannot beat. Although these are all great products for your weed garden, the TC600 gets the win.

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