The Best Viparspectra 600W LED Review


When I first began growing marijuana, I struggled to find an LED light that produced useful results. I routinely tried different lamps. Disappointed with my crops, I soon stumbled across the Viparspectra 600W LED, designed explicitly for indoor horticulture.

Is this finally the right one?

This Viparspectra 600W review will help you determine whether or not it is a viable, worthwhile option for growing indoors.

Here are the 600W LED lights we’ll be reviewing:


Inside corner of glass greenhouse full of various plants

Things to Consider Before Buying an Indoor Horticulture Lamp

If you’re beginning to grow weed inside, one of the primary components that you’ll need is an indoor horticulture lamp. One of the most significant problems people have when using these lamps is figuring out where to place the light.

If you put the lamp too high – no pun intended – your marijuana won’t receive enough light and it won’t grow well. However, if you put the lamp too close to the plant, you’ll end up scorching your plant. Your marijuana likely won’t grow.

Anything that you’ve already grown will probably burn, resulting in a brown, flaky substance unfit to use.

The height that you use for the lamp should depend on the type of bulb you purchase. If you’re using an incandescent light, you should put it around two feet over your weed. Incandescent lights have a higher heat signature.

LED lights, on the other hand, don’t have nearly as high of a heat signature. The range of a standard LED light placement is typically six to 12 inches above the plants. However, in the past couple of years, manufacturers have begun producing LED lights with high wattages. These LED lights are stronger than incandescent lamps, meaning growers must keep them a couple of feet away from the plant. 

Fortunately, manufacturers should provide recommendations about how high above the plant you’ll need to place the lamp. You could also look online for PAR vs. distance charts. These charts instruct users how high above the plant they need to hang their light, depending on the strength of the light and where the plant is in the growing cycle.

A desk lamp shining down on a potted plant

It could be frustrating to try to change the height of the lamp with each stage of the growing cycle. And, what if you have plants next to one another in different stages? It’s difficult to change the height of one lamp versus the other if you connect the lights.

The best indoor horticulture lamps allow users to change the intensity of the light with a mere flip of a switch.

What You Need to Know about the Viparspectra 600W LED

The Viparspectra 600W LED is a high-powered indoor light that could help you grow your weed, especially if you’re developing multiple plants at once. This lamp stands out for two primary reasons:First, it comes with a “daisy chain” feature that allows growers to plug multiple lights into one another easily, without having to use a unique outlet for each light.

Second, the Viparspectra 600W LED is impressive because it offers growers a full selectable spectrum, highlighted primarily by the VEG and BLOOM switch on the lamp. Growers can quickly flip the switches to change the intensity of the light depending on where their weed is in the growing cycle.


  • Selectable full spectrum makes it easy to control the intensity of the light
  • Daisy chain function allows users to connect multiple units
  • Reflector design increases PAR Output by 50 percent
  • Affordable compared to other lamps


  • The fans on this device could be too loud for some
  • Flowering could take longer than usual when using this lamp
  • The PAR Output reduces the actual wattage of the light
  • No timing mechanism

Features and Benefits

Ready to get into the “nitty gritty” about what the Viparspectra 600W has to offer? Keep reading for a breakdown of the features and benefits that make this product unique and worth your consideration.

Easy to Control

One of the first things that stood out to us about this product was the fact that it was incredibly easy for us to control. The full selectable spectrum makes it easy for growers to move through all stages of the growing cycle without having to adjust the height of the lamp manually.

For instance, during the Acclimation Period, Viparspectra recommends growers have the “VEG” switch on, and the “BLOOM” switch off. The lamp should be on for ten hours per day and off for 14. During the Young Vegetative Period, the switches remain the same, but the light should be on for 12 hours and off for 12 hours.

During the Vegetative Stage, growers will want to turn both the VEG and BLOOM switches on. The lamp should stay on for 18 hours per day and off for six. Lastly, during the Flowering Stage, both the VEG and BLOOM switches stay on, but the plants receive 12 hours of light per day instead of 18.

PAR Output

Another feature that causes the Viparspectra LED grow light to stand out is it Reflector Design, which decreases PAR Output by 50 percent. Without this feature, your cannabis would likely receive too much of the 600W light. You’d probably find that the middle of your plants would become stunted in growth and that the plants on the outskirt of the light would not grow at all. 

The PAR Output feature reflects the light naturally, increasing the coverage area under which the plants can flourish.

The company measured photosynthetically active photons to test the PAR Output. Photons are critical to plant growth. The company conducted a spot measurement to determine how many photons fell on the plant at any one particular moment. The grow lights Reflector Design helped disperse the photons more appropriately so that all areas of the plant grew evenly.

Daisy Chain Function

If you are growing in a small closet in your basement, you likely won’t find this feature as appealing. But if you’ve expanded your growing operations to the point that you’re growing multiple marijuana plants at once, the Daisy Chain Function is incredibly convenient.

This feature allows growers to connect multiple lamps at once with the use of a single power outlet. Instead of having to plug each light into a power outlet, growers can plug the lamps into one another. Then, growers can connect the lamp on the end of the chain into the wall.

Growers should make sure that the wall outlet or power strip that they use can handle the wattage of multiple lamps.

Advanced Cooling System

One of the most significant concerns that growers have when leaving the lamp on for 12 to 18 hours per day is keeping the lights cool. The need to keep the lights cool is particularly the case if growers take advantage of the daisy chain feature and connect a string of lamps.

Fortunately, Viparspectra considered this, adding an advanced cooling system to the lights.

The cooling system relies on fans to help dissipate the heat emitted from the lamps. Some may find that the fans run a little too loud for their liking, but it’s a vital component that will allow you to grow weed in your home safely. The lamps are UL Certified, a nod to how safe they are for use indoors. 


The last thing that stood out to us the most is the cost of the product. Customers can find the Viparspectra 600W on Amazon for mid-range cost. While this is indeed an investment, growers will likely feel that they receive incredible value when purchasing this product.

Features like the reduced PAR Output and Full Spectrum Control typically cost a lot more.

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What Others Say

Although we’re big fans of the Viparspectra 600W LED, we wanted to make sure that we were not in the minority. After scouring thousands of online reviews, it’s evident that other growers love the Viparspectra 600W LED as much as we do.

For instance, Jason T said that he owns four Viparspectra 600W products and that he’s used them for years without problems. He said that not once has he had an issue with maintaining the temperatures of the lamp.

Renegade Reviews said that it had “nothing but excellent results” when using this product. The reviewer noted that this lamp was worth every penny paid and that soon, the Viparspectra would replace some of the other lights they had been using previously.


As you’re likely well aware, there are many growing lamps available for purchase. If you’re entering the world of indoor cannabis growth, it could be quite overwhelming to figure out which light is best. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of some of the other products available and a brief analysis of how they compare to the Viparspectra 600W LED lamp.

Viparspectra Timer Control Series

Although the Viparspectra 600W lamp is an excellent option for indoor growers, the company’s Timer Control Series could be even more worthwhile. These products are a bit pricier – for instance, a 600W Timer Control lamp will cost you a bit more. However, the lights come with built-in timers so that you have pinpoint control over when the bulbs are on and off.Comparison

  • Tends to be higher priced than the original Viparspectra 600W
  • Comes with built-in timers so that you don’t need to be present to turn the lamps on and off
  • Updated aluminum cooling heat sinks provide higher heat dissipation

If you’re someone who is very in-tune with the growing process or who travels frequently and may not always be present to care for your indoor cannabis plants, you may want to look into the Timer Control Series from Viparspectra.

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Vivosun 600W LED Grow Light

If you’re looking to break away from Viparspectra, one of the best opportunities to do so is with the Vivosun 600W LED Grow Light. Although the company offers the lamp at different wattage levels, the lamp is incredibly affordable. A 27W bulb costs a bit more than $25.

Additionally, the lights come with a built-in memory timer, growing accustomed to how growers use the product.


  • Built-in memory timer could help streamline the growing process
  • Flexible neck makes it easy to provide light to particular areas of the plant
  • Clamps to a table and does not require over-head ceiling installation

If you’re attempting to grow weed in an enclosed space and can’t hang a horticulture light from overhead, you’ll likely want to check out the VIVOSUN 600W LED Grow Light.

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YGrow LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

Another lamp that’s similar to the Viparspectra 600W is the YGrow LED Grow Light Full Spectrum model. This product is significantly cheaper than the Viparspectra model, costing about half as much.However, although the lamp provides full-spectrum, users cannot control different stages of the growing cycle.


  • Costs about half as much as the Viparspectra
  • Users cannot control the full-spectrum light
  • Temperature control system turns the light off when the internal temperature reaches 95 degrees

If you’re looking for something cheap as you start growing weed, this could be a worthwhile option. However, you should know that you’re going to have to work a bit to use the YGrow product since it does not come with controllable spectrum features.

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During the growing cycle, you want to make sure that you provide the proper amount of light to your cannabis. If the light’s too far away, your marijuana won’t grow correctly. If it’s too close, you’ll end up ruining your crop.

The Viparspectra 600W is an excellent product that considers these issues. The lamp comes with multiple switches that allow users to alter the intensity of the light. Growers can also plug multiple lamps into one another at the same time, which is possible only because they don’t have to alter the height of the light manually.

We had amazing results when using the this 600W LED grow light and feel that it provides customers with incredible value. Although there may be other high-quality lamps available, there aren’t many that are nearly as affordable as the Viparspectra 600W.

All growers, especially beginners, should be sure to check out the Viparspectra 600W to see if it’s the ideal solution to help them grow marijuana indoors.

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