Best Humidifier for Grow Tent; What You Need to Know

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best humidifier for grow tents is, then we recommend the TaoTronics cool mist humidifier as the best one.

Over the years, I’ve known a lot of folks who attempted to grow weed at home for their own personal use and cultivation. Most of them were attentive growers while others just turned on a grow light and hoped for the best.

Anyone who successfully grows marijuana knows that it’s a plant that deserves and needs a little TLC to thrive.

Here are the weed humidifiers for grow tents we’ll be reviewing:


One of my good friends was excited to grow his own cannabis. He invested in a high-quality grow tent, bought some top-of-the-line grow lights, and his biggest challenge was being unable to grow his weed past a certain stage before wilting and dying.

He asked me if I had any growing tips and I mentioned the importance of humidity.


You can be doing everything else right when growing your own marijuana, but if your humidity is off, you’ll never have a crop worth cultivating!

Today’s humidifiers are affordable, easy to use, and are widely available, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money tracking down the perfect one for your grow tent.

What is a Humidifier?

Before you considered growing your own weed, you probably only used a humidifier when you have a cold or to help balance out the dry air at home during the winter months.

Dead corn leaves on a farm

Humidifiers play an important role in improving the humidity in all types of environments and settings from music rooms storing instruments to office buildings and of course, grow tents or rooms.

The humidifiers that we use today come in a variety of shapes and sizes and have significant technological advancements from the humidifiers that were designed for personal use in the 1930s.

Imagine having to lug around a heavy humidifier that requires constant monitoring and adjusting. It wouldn’t be an efficient and convenient option for your grow tent at home.

Modern humidifiers for home use allow you to be in control of the humidity in your grow tent without needing to keep an eye on it 24/7. Many humidifiers have timers and automatic shut-off features to help you ensure that your marijuana plants don’t receive too much moisture.

The Importance of Humidity in Your Cannabis Crop

Growing your own cannabis requires the same kind of work and care that you would put into any other type of garden. Watering the plants, having the right soil, and providing adequate light are all essential, but never overlook the importance of humidity.

It’s important to remember that watering your plants and providing the right level of humidity is not the same.

All plants absorb water through their root system, but they also get (and benefit from) water through the leaves and stem. Like us, plants have little pores on the surface of the leaves called stomata. The stomata allow the plant to absorb more water.

Stomata will start to close if the plant is exposed to dry air for an extended period.

Giving your cannabis plants more water in a dry environment will not help the plant “bounce back;” trust me, I know from experience. Over-watering removes oxygen from the root zone and results in more issues that can affect the whole crop.

The important takeaway is to create the perfect humid growing conditions. This can be done with a grow room humidifier. 

Understanding Relative Humidity

When I started my first grow tent, I didn’t know much about humidity. I assumed that humid is humid, right? Before you purchase and use a weed humidifier for your grow tent, you’ll need to know the basics of relative humidity and why it’s important for healthy marijuana plants.

Marijuana Plant indoors

In short, relative humidity (RH) is the percentage of how much moisture is present in the air rather than how much humidity the air could hold. To understand and measure relative humidity, you also need to pay attention to the air temperature.

Consider this example; if your grow tent rises in temperature, the RH will lower. So, when your RH is 50 percent, a temperature rise from 68°F to 70°F can result in a 3 percent decrease in your relative humidity. It might not seem like a lot, but it’s important to monitor.

When you purchase a humidifier, don’t forget to get a thermometer. One with a humidistat is convenient, but you can always buy a humidistat separately.

Turning on a humidifier and let it do all the work without monitoring can lead to a number of issues that can destroy your crop. High levels of humidity can create a perfect environment for mildew and other diseases while dry environments can cause leaf burn.

Before I had a real understanding of RH, I turned on the humidifier and let it run, thinking that I was doing my plants a favor. I ended up needing to start from scratch after the plants were overcome with mildew; sometimes you have to learn the hard way, but not you!

A humidifier for your grow tent is a great tool to have, but never let it do all the work. You need to be an attentive grower to your unique and precious crop.

Using a Humidifier in a Grow Tent

Grow tents provide you with an environment that you can easily control when growing plants and tents are great because you can grow cannabis year-round. Grow tents also keep your fragile plants protected from mold and even insect larvae.

Insect on plant leaf

Using a humidifier in your grow tent will help you control the humidity, but keep in mind that it can trap in more moisture (which will lead to mildew and other issues). Monitoring RH and providing air circulation will help create the perfect growing environment.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Humidifier for Your Grow Tent

You might be wondering how necessary it is to have a humidifier for weed. If you want to grow healthy and happy plants, treat them right and get a humidifier for your grow tent.

There are many humidifiers on the market, and it can be difficult to know which one is best. A cannabis humidifier that I might use may not be ideal for your growing set up, and that’s why we give you plenty of options.

There are a few things you should consider before you buy a humidifier for your grow tent:

  • Size of Your Grow Tent: The size and type of humidifier you need are dependent on the size of your growing environment. A humidifier that’s too small might not have enough power and requires constant filling; one that’s too big takes up space.
  • Easy to Use and Clean: A humidifier should not be complicated or make you frustrated when you use it. Stick to something simple.
  • Humidistat: A humidifier with a humidistat is a nice feature to have. It’s not a “must have” and they aren’t always foolproof. Either way, you’ll need a humidistat.
  • Timer or Run-Time: I personally like a humidifier with a timer. There have been too many instances where I was busy doing something else and forget to turn off the humidifier or couldn’t remember if I turned it off before I left.

What is the Best Humidifier for Grow Room or Grow Tent?

I have nearly a decade of experience growing my own weed, and even though the journey has been full of trial and error, I learned so much from my mistakes. The first marijuana humidifiers I owned were not good for growing.

I don’t want you to have a frustrating growing experience due to a bad grow room humidifier, that’s why I’ve taken the time to find humidifiers that are ideal for growing cannabis. Check out my picks and some pros and cons.

TaoTronics Cool Mist 4L Humidifier

TaoTronics makes a few high-quality humidifiers that are ideal for grow tents, but this one is my favorite humidifier from the brand. Not only does it run for up to 30 hours on a full tank, but you can select a humidity level between 40 and 60 percent (which is often ideal during the flowering or late flowering stage).Many users comment about the ease of use, the setup, and the long-running time before the need to refill the tank. The most talked about feature is that the humidifier is one of the quietest around. While humidifier noise might not be an issue for you, it can be a much-desired feature for light sleepers.

The built-in humidistat is nice to have on hand, even if you use a separate humidistat. It’s important to note that the built-in humidistat may be five percent off.


  • Nice size for a grow tent
  • Easy to use
  • Runs for up to 30 hours depending on your setting
  • Has three settings
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Built-in humidistat
  • Set the RH, and it will turn off when it’s done


  • The 4L tank may not be big enough for what you need
  • Cartridge filters need to be changed twice a year
  • Humidistat may not be accurate

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iTvanila Ultrasonic Humidifier

The iTvanila cool mist humidifier allows you to set and keep the RH between 55 and 60 percent. There are three levels of mist to choose from, as well as rapid humidification and intelligent constant humidification functions. The 5L tank runs up to 12 hours on the highest setting and up to 45 hours on the low setting.The humidifier has a built-in humidistat and produces less than 35 dB of noise (which again is not necessary, but a nice add-on feature).

Users like the consistent flow of mist, the built-in humidistat, and the quick humidification function, but some users complain of a leaky tank after filling it with water.


  • Runs for up to 45 hours, depending on the setting
  • Easy to use and has three mist settings
  • Optimal RH range
  • Ultra-quiet


  • May leak after filling and difficult to fill
  • Humidistat may not be accurate

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Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

The 6L cool mist humidifier from Everlasting Comfort has fewer features than other humidifiers but does an adequate job of humidifying your grow tent. It’s important to note that there’s no built-in humidistat, so you will need a separate humidistat to keep an eye on the RH levels. The manufacturer mentions that the humidifier keeps the environment over 43 percent.The filter-less system is easy to fill and clean. Depending on the setting you choose, which is a MIN to MAX range, the humidifier can run for up to 50 hours continuously.

Users like the basic design, but some complain of leaking and the inconsistency of RH levels.


  • Easy to use and fill
  • Runs for up to 50 hours
  • No filters
  • Larger capacity


  • No built-in humidistat
  • RH levels may not be accurate
  • Tank may leak after filling

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Air Innovations Humidifier

This 6.4L cool mist humidifier has five mist settings, which include low, medium, high, Supreme, and Turbo. Depending on the setting you select, the humidifier will run continuously for up to 96 hours. You can program the built-in humidistat, and the 15” extension nozzle makes the humidifier a tabletop unit or one you can place on the floor.The humidifier is easy to use and clean and the ceramic filter never needs to be replaced. Users like the larger tank and the multiple mist settings. Common complaints include a leaky tank and inaccurate RH readings.


  • Automatic turn on/shut off mode
  • Multiple mist modes
  • Built-in humidistat
  • A large capacity tank
  • Extension nozzle to have more control over mist


  • Tank may leak after filling
  • Inaccurate and inconsistent RH levels
  • More features than you may need or use

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Pure Enrichment MistAire Studio Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Pure Enrichment’s MistAire Studio humidifier is a bit “bare bones,” but it does an adequate job of keeping small spaces humid (which makes it an ideal option for a grow tent). The humidifier has two mist setting and runs up to 10 hours continuously depending on the setting you choose.While the 0.7L tank capacity is smaller than some of the other picks on our list, most users were happy with its performance in a tiny space like a grow tent. It’s important to note that there is no built-in humidistat with this small humidifier, so you need to monitor your RH levels more closely.


  • Smaller size is convenient for small grow tents
  • Easy to use
  • Automatically shuts off when water is low
  • Produces adequate moisture for a small space


  • No built-in humidistat
  • May need to be refilled more frequently
  • The tank may leak

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The Best Humidifier For Your Cannabis Grow Tent

There are several noteworthy features on in our five picks for grow tent humidifiers, but our favorite pick is the TaoTronics cool mist humidifier. While it doesn’t have the same large range of RH levels as some of the other humidifiers, it provides optimal humidity in your grow tent (and you can improve or decrease the humidity as needed).

Remember, built-in humidistats may not be accurate, so it’s best to have a backup method to double-check your humidity levels occasionally. The more you use your humidifier, you will get a better understanding of how it works and whether or not you need to adjust the humidity in your grow tent.

The TaoTronics humidifier had fewer complaints from users and had top-ratings for overall performance and reliability. If you’re looking for a humidifier with different size options, you can’t go wrong with the TaoTronics brand, as many models work well in a grow tent.

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