Best T5 Grow Lights for Your Indoor Marijuana

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best T5 grow light is, then we recommend the Hydroplanet T5 Horticulture Grow Light as the best one.

Are you interested in growing marijuana at home? The liberalization of weed laws means more and more people can legally grow marijuana in their home, allowing them to save money and control their own product.

Growing marijuana at home can be a money-saving and rewarding experience. The most difficult part of getting started is undoubtedly choosing the right lights, though.

Ahead, we’ll give you some information on picking the right lights for your plants and give you our recommendation for the best T5 grow lights.

Here are the T5 grow lights we’ll be reviewing:

Why Choose T5 Lights for Your Weed?

There are a ton of different grow lights on the market, and they’re all designed for home gardeners. Different plants have different needs and – as much as we want them to – most of the manufacturers aren’t focusing on their pot-growing customers when marketing them.

Since this is the case, it can be a bit confusing to figure out which grow lights are best.

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A grow light company isn’t going to tell you that it’s specifically designed to give you the best home weed growing setup, so it takes a bit of research to figure out.

Although some people argue for different light configurations for their home weed garden, most people will recommend T5 lights for their versatility.

A T5 light will work wonders for home growers. They might not be ideal for large-scale operations, but they will serve the needs of those who just want a small weed garden in their home.

You can use T5 lights until your plant reaches around 24 inches, which means they will take your plant through the flowering and harvesting stage.

Additionally, fluorescent T5 lights burn a lot cooler than their counterparts, meaning they’re safer and more energy efficient for home use. You can keep them close to the plants – something you’ll need to do with marijuana – and don’t have to be concerned that you’ll burn or dry-out the leaves.

Within the fluorescent grow light category, you’ll also find T8 and T12. For home use, T5 lights are still the best option. They give you the biggest bang for your buck when you consider the size and light output.

T5 lights are also designed to support plants that grow up to around 24 inches, which is all you really need when growing weed at home.

What to Look For in T5 Grow Lights

There are a few things you should look for when shopping for T5 grow lights for marijuana. T5 lights are the best fluorescent grow lights for growing pot, but there are a few considerations you should make before you buy.

In this section, we’ll cover a few of the areas you should be looking at when setting up your cannabis garden.

Affordability and Value

Affordability is a concern when setting up your indoor weed growing setup, and lights can be one of the more expensive areas. Those who are opting for a simple indoor growing operation for personal use don’t need to spend hundreds or even thousands on quality lights.

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Finding the best T5 grow lights is important, so you shouldn’t try to cut corners here. Still, we recognize that not everyone can spring for the most expensive lighting setup. Most people have financial and spatial restraints, so we wanted to compile a list that took practicality and affordability into consideration.

Picking a Fixture

The fixture you select will entirely depend on your indoor weed growing needs.

Are you growing a few small plants in a closet? Then you’re going to need one of the smaller fixtures and accompanying set of bulbs.

Will you have an entire attic dedicated to your pot garden? If so, you will need a few large fixtures to cover a wide area.

Most T5 lights are going to be 2 ft to 4 ft long with several different bulb options. You’ll see two, four, six, eight, and twelve bulbs in a single fixture.

Those who are interested in growing a couple of pot plants for infrequent use will only need one or two bulbs in a 2ft fixture. You can scale-up from there, but it’s important that you don’t get too ambitious before setting everything up.

Measure your space and figure out how many plants will fit. From there, you can invest in your lighting setup. Large T5 lights will use considerably more electricity than smaller lights will, so you don’t want it to go to waste.

Choosing Your Bulbs

If the fixture is the body of the grow light, then the  bulbs are the brain. They will determine your yield, as well as how much energy you use during your lighting cycles.

You’ll see a lot of different values when shopping for T5 grow lamps. The bulbs present energy values and color temperatures, and each has a few benefits and disadvantages.

You’ll often see T5 grow bulbs with normal output (NO), High Output (HO), and very high output (VHO). Normal output bulbs will save you some energy and work the way they need to, but they’re not the best if you’re interested in getting the most out of your growing operation.

We often recommend high output bulbs because of their versatility. They last longer than VHO bulbs because they don’t burn as hotly – and last longer as well. All things considered, HO bulbs are relatively energy efficient too.

HO bulbs should do the job for you and provide enough light for your plants to thrive.

Feeding Your Plants Light

The more lights your cannabis plants receive, the faster and fuller they’ll be able to grow. As long as your plants are healthy, light is one of the determining factors in the quality of your buds when it comes time to harvest.

Sun light shining through trees

As is the case with anything, there will likely be some trial and error within the first couple of harvests. It will take a try or two to learn what to do and what not to do, so don’t expect your first harvest to be the best weed you’ve ever smoked.

One good tip we can give you is that it’s essential to keep your light source close to your plants, so they don’t grow too high. Tall plants might seem like a good thing, but they’re actually terrible for home gardens.

The taller the plants, the harder it is to cover them in light, The less light the bodies of the plants get, the fewer buds you’re going to get when you harvest.

Having dim lights or keeping your lights too far away will cause the plants to stretch out in search of more nourishment.

Keep your lights close in the vegetative and flowering stages to produce the most buds you can get.

Controlling Your Plant Size

Most home growers don’t want massive pot plants. Keeping things small and controlled is the recipe for success, and it allows you to grow several more plants than you’d otherwise be able to.

The first – and easiest – way to control the size of your plants relates to the container you grow them in. We recommend starting small and scaling up from there. A lot of home growers even start with plants in solo cups so they can harvest them faster.

Defoliation is another important part of keeping your plants small and manageable. Doing this correctly will require a bit of experience, though, so don’t be surprised if you defoliate a bit too much or too little before your first yield.

Defoliation refers to trimming the leaves of the pot plant. This will allow more light to reach buds lower on the plant, as well as slow the growth of the plant during the vegetative stage.

The community is split on whether or not you should use defoliation during the flowering stage, so we recommend completing this during the vegetative stage only during your first harvest.

This process will cause the growing cycle to be a bit longer, but it will ensure you have smaller, easier to manage plants that will thrive in a limited space.

Top 7 Best T5 Grow Lights

In this section, we’ll give you a list of the seven best T5 veg lights for your home marijuana garden. These lights will give you the best chance of mind-blowing success.

Hydroplanet T5 Horticulture Gardening Grow Lights

The Hydroplanet T5 Horticulture Gardening Grow Lights is an excellent choice for those who are looking to expand their weed growing operation. The fixture houses eight bulbs, which means you can use them for several weed plants and receive an optimal yield.Since the fixture uses switches, you don’t have to use all of the bulbs at once, either. You can use four at a time, then use the whole eight when it comes time to expand a bit.

The 15’ power cord is also a huge help here. My setup, for instance, is relatively far from an outlet, so the cord length is a huge concern for me. This fixture will allow you to move the light around for the best lighting angle.


  • 8 bulbs
  • 2 year warranty
  • Easy to set up
  • 6500K HO bulbs
  • 15’ power cord
  • Bulb switching options


  • Some users reported problems with the bulbs
  • Bulbs fit a bit snugly into the fixture

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Durolux DL8048 T5 Fluorescent Grow Light

The Durolux DL8048 fixture is another great option for your home weed garden, especially if you need some space between the lights and your fixture. This is another fluorescent T5 light with a 15’ power cord, meaning you can keep your growing setup across the room from the nearest outlet if you need to.The fixture holds eight lights with a dimming switch, so you don’t need to keep them all on if you have fewer plants for the time being. If you have more, you can rest easy knowing that a single outlet can power up to three fixtures without causing a problem.

The metal of the fixture tends to hold the heat a bit, so you should be aware of that when adjusting your lamps. You should wear a glove to ensure you don’t burn yourself.

You will also have to install the mounting brackets yourself, which can be a chore for beginners. Still, with all of this considered, the Durolux DL8048 is among the best T5 grow lamps for cannabis.


  • 15’ power cord
  • 8 grow lights
  • 95% reflective aluminum reflectors
  • 6500K HO bulbs
  • Power up to 3 fixtures on a single outlet
  • 2 switches for dimming
  • Rated for operation in damp environments


  • Metal on fixture holds the heat
  • Need to install mounting brackets yourself

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DuroLux 4 Bulb DL824 T5 Grow Light

The DuroLux T5 Grow Light is our pick for smaller grow setups. The fixture holds four bulbs in its 2 ft housing, which means you’ll need several of these lights to cover your plants if you have several.Not everyone needs eight bulbs in a 4ft fixture, though, so this grow light is a good alternative for small gardens.

Despite the size, you won’t be sacrificing any power. These bulbs produce 6500K HO light, which is enough to nourish your plants in a confined area. You can also control the light output through the switches, so you don’t need to run up your electricity bill if you only have a couple of plants.

Although the cord is a bit shorter than some, it still fits the needs of home growers with a small setup.


  • 2ft lamps – good for smaller gardens
  • Power up to 12 fixtures on one outlet
  • 2 body switches for dimming
  • UL/CUL safety approved
  • 6500K HO bulbs
  • 5-year warranty


  • Power cord isn’t as long as some
  • Bulbs need to be replaced a bit sooner than expected

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DuroLux DL822N T5 HO 2Ft 2 Fluorescent Lamps Grow Lighting System

The DuroLux DL822N T5 HO 2Ft 2 Fluorescent Lamps Grow Lighting System is best for the smallest weed growing setups. You can grow a few plants under a single fixture but will need to upscale or buy more lights if you want to expand.DuroLux is a huge name in the growing industry. They make high-quality growing fixtures, which is why we’ve included two of their products in the small to medium-range line.

One of the limitations these lights have, though, is the power cord length. It’s only 4.5ft long, which can be far too short for some people. You’ll be fine if you have an outlet nearby but should look into a product with a longer power cord if you need more space.


  • 6500K HO bulbs
  • Power up to 15 units in one outlet
  • Fixture doesn’t hold the heat
  • 95% Reflective German Hammertone Reflector


  • Not ideal for larger setups
  • Short power cord

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VIVOSUN Fluorescent Grow Light Fixture for Indoor Plants

The VIVOSUN Fluorescent Grow Light Fixture for Indoor Plants is another quality option for those who want larger light fixtures in their pot garden. This light setup comes with eight lamps in a 4ft housing, giving you optimal light covering for nearly all growing needs.Although this lamp might be a bit overkill for those who have smaller setups, you can control the light output through the dual switches. You can shut a couple of the lights off when you don’t need them, although we recommend buying a smaller unit if you plan on keeping the operation limited.

The main drawback on this light is the fixture temperature. It can get a bit hot after a while, so be careful when adjusting it.


  • 8 lamps
  • Dual switch lighting control
  • Ultra-reflective surface
  • 40,000 lumens
  • 6500K HO bulbs
  • Comes with hanging cables
  • 2-year warranty


  • Fixture can run hot
  • Poor packaging

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Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT24 T5 Fluorescent Grow Light System

The Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT24 T5 Fluorescent Grow Light System comes in two different sizes and three bulb options. You can select 2 or 4ft long fixtures with two, four, or eight bulbs, meaning this product will fit almost all home growing operations.The housing connects in three ways as well, so you can place it in several different locations – depending on your needs. The cord is only eight feet long, but that should be enough for most people. The 15-foot long cords can be a bit overkill for some people.


  • Comes in 2 and 4 ft options
  • Hangs 3 ways
  • Up to 8,000 lumens
  • 4 64000K tubes
  • 2, 4, or 8 tube options


  • Fixture can get very hot
  • Short bulb lifespan

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DuroLux DL844 T5 Grow Light

The DuroLux DL844 T5 Grow Light is another top-rated DuroLux grow light that lives up to the company reputation. This one contains four 6500k HO lamps with a 4ft fixture, with two switches to control the light output.You can power up to five of these fixtures through one outlet, so there’s plenty of room for scaling up if you decide to do so.

As is the case with the other two DuroLux products we’ve covered, the negatives are the power cord length and the bulb lifespan. You’ll need to replace the bulbs a bit sooner than you might expect, so it’s helpful to have some on hand just in case.


  • Power up to 5 lights on one outlet
  • Hanging hooks and chain included
  • Rated for operation in damp environments
  • 4 6500K bulbs


  • Shorter power cord
  • Bulb life

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The Best of the Bunch

The best T5 grow lights will depend on your weed gardening setup. Those who have a larger operation will need bigger light fixtures, while those with smaller plants will probably want a 2ft fixture with fewer bulbs.

For overall performance, our top pick was the Hydroplanet T5 Horticulture Gardening Grow Lights. This light has a long power cord, exceptional control, and optimal range that covers a wide range of plants.

If you’re looking on the smaller end of the spectrum, though, we like the DuroLux 4 Bulb T5 Grow Light. This will fit comfortably in a small setup and has four bulbs when you’re ready to expand.


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